Tool: Ice Scoop


An ice scoop is a typical bar tool used to scoop ice from a large bowl or chest of ice, usually in an area behind the bar called a well. It is usually made of metal or plastic.


Other names: Scoop, Metal Ice Scoop, Well Scoop, Bar Ice Scoop
Translations: Ledus Scoop, アイススクープ, Ledo Scoop, الجليد المجرفة, Ľadové Scoop, Mettez la glace, Ice chiuretă, Ice kašičica, Ledové Scoop, קרח סקופ, Scoop Ice, 얼음 뜨고, Yelo maglimas, बर्फ स्कूप, Afegeix gel, 冰勺, Ице кашичицу, Agregue hielo, Лед лъжичка

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