Tool: Citrus Juicer


A citrus juicer is used to remove the juice from citrus fruits. It has a cone-shaped ridged center, upon which half of the fruit is placed, cut-side down. The user then presses the fruit down and turns the fruit back and forth to extract juice. The pulp and seeds are retained in a separate cup.


Other names: Juicer, Reamer, Citrus Reamer, Lemon Reamer
Translations: Citrus spiede, シトラスジューサー, عصارة الحمضيات, Pusertimelta, Presse-agrumes, Storcător de citrice, Citrus Sokovnik, Zitruspresse, הדר מסחטה, Цитруса Соковник, 감귤류의 과즙 짜는기구, Citrus dyuiser, Sitruspresseren, खट्टे जूसर, Exprimidor, Соковижималка для цитрусових, 柑橘榨汁机, Citrus Sokovnik, Соковыжималка для цитрусовых, Espremedora, Цитрусовите Сокоизстисквачка



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