Tool: Skimmer


A metal kitchen utensil consisting of a handle attached to either a perforated disk or a shallow bowl-shaped wire mesh. Skimmers are used to lift foods out of hot liquids or to remove unwanted surface fat and foamy residue from soups, etc.


Other names: Fat Skimmer, Soup Skimmer
Translations: Gliseris, Separatorius, Glisor, Šešir sa širokim obodom, Muổng để vớt bọt, Schuimspaan, पौना, Escumadeira, Шумовка, Εξαφριστήρι, مقشدة, 제비 갈매기 무리, Sběračka, Espumadera, 笊, Escumadora, Zberačky, Scrematrice, מקפה, Skummare, Шешир са широким ободом, スキマー, Écumoire, Schaumlöffel, Espumadera, Шумовка, Reikäkauha, Вид морска птица



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