Tool: Lasagna Pan


A large deep-dish pan, usually about 14" in length and with or without handles, used to cook lasagna. A roasting pan is sometimes used as well.


Other names: Lasagna Dish
Translations: Lazanja Pan, LASAGNA Visos, Lazanje Pan, Pan lasagne, Lasagne Pan, Lasanha Pan, Лазанья Пан, Λαζάνια Pan, اللازانيا عموم, 라자냐 팬, Pan lasagne, 烤宽面条潘, Lasagna Pa, Lazanja Pan, Pán lasagne, לזניה פאן, Лазање Пан, ラザニアパン, Lasagne Pan, Lasagne Pan, Lasagne Pan, Lasagna पान, Лазанья Пан, Lasagne Pan, Лазаня Пан



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