Tool: Small Bamboo Steamer


A small bamboo steamer is good for steaming small things or for making dinner for one or two people. used in traditional, Asian cooking. Bamboo steamers are a healthy way to cook vegetables, fish, dim sum, dumplings and more. Steaming requires no oil and can preserve more nutrients than other cooking methods. Stackable layers let you cook a variety of foods at once.


Translations: Mazs Bambusa Steamer, Mažos Bambuko Steamer, Mici Bamboo Steamer, Mali bambus parobrod, Tre nhỏ bàn ủi hơi, Małych Steamer Bamboo, Kleine bamboo stoomkoker, छोटा बांस स्टीमर, Steamer Bambu pequeno, Небольшой пароход бамбука, Μικρές Steamer Μπαμπού, الخيزران الباخرة الصغيرة, 작은 대나무 기선, Malé Bamboo Steamer, Мала бамбуса пароброд, Maliit Bamboo bapor, 小蒸笼, Vaporera de bambú petits, Mala Bamboo Steamer, Malé Bamboo Steamer, Bamboo Steamer Piccolo, במבוק קטנים Steamer, Små Bamboo Steamer, Steamer Bambu Kecil, 小竹スティーマー, Steamer petit bambou, Kleine Bamboo Steamer, Små Bamboo Steamer, Små Bamboo Steamer, Vaporera de bambú pequeños, Невеликий пароплав бамбука, Pienet Bamboo Steamer, Малки бамбук параход



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