Tool: Egg Beater


An egg beater is an electric or battery powered mechanism used primarily to whip and mix foods by submerging the two oval shaped blades in the food to be mixed. There are also hand-cranked versions available as well as other manual tools such as the French (or wire) Whip, or a multiple-tanged unit called a fork. Being manual they don't require electricity to operate. Fingers are recommended.


Other names: Hand Mixer, Mixer
Translations: Olu sitējs, Kiaušinių spragilas, Paletă de ou, Jaje gonič, Egg beater, Eiklopper, मिक्सर, Яйцо ударные, Beater αυγών, البيض المضرب, 계란 때리는 사람, Šlehači, Egg palu-palo, 打蛋器, Batedor d'ous, Jajčni Mućkalica, Šľahači, מטרף, ÄGGVISP, Јаје гонич, エッグビーター, Batidor de huevos, Яйце ударні, Muna vispilää, Яйце тупалка



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