Tool: Wire Canning Rack


The canning wire rack is a canning tool designed to hold full canning jars. A wire canning rack allows the user to lower and raise canning jars into the cooking pot. The wire canning rack keeps jars from touching each other in the boiling water. Most wire racks can hold up to 7 glass jars.


Other names: Canning Pot Rack
Translations: Viela Canning Rack, Sârmă Canning Rack, Žica Canning Rack, Dây Canning Rack, Rack Canning Wire, कैनिंग तार रैक, Wire Rack Canning, Проволока Каннинг стойки, Σύρμα Rack Canning, سلك تعليب الرف, 와이어 통조림 랙, Drát Canning Rack, Canning Wire Rack, Wire Canning suksukan, 坎宁架电线, Cistell de metall, Canning, Drôt Canning Rack, Filo Canning Rack, חוט Rack קנינג, Жица конзервирање рацк, ワイヤーカンニングラック, Rack Canning Wire, Cestillo de metal, Canning, Дріт Каннінг стійки, Wire Консервна Rack

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