Tool: Well


A well is a metal stand that has a deep well in the center with a drain which holds ice for making drinks. There is a shelf in the front of the well that holds "well" liquors, which are the generic and less expensive alcohol. This is where the term "well drinks" come from. The well is always behind a bar and is also known as a bartending station.


Other names: Drink Well, Bar Well, Bartending Station
Translations: Labi, Gerai, Bine, Dobro, Vâng, Dobrze, Goed, अच्छी तरह से, Bem, Хорошо, Καλά, جيد, 잘, Dobře, Добро, Mabuti, 好, Bé, Dobro, Dobre, Bene, טוב, Tja, Baik, よく, Bien, Gut, Nå, Vel, Bien, Добре, Hyvin, Добре

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