Tool: Tala Icing Pen


This tool made in England by TALA is wonderful for all your fine lettering work on frosting cupcakes and cakes.
Cleans up easily and is completely reusable everytime you are called upon to sign a cake. Available in our webstore


Other names: Frosting Lettering Syringe
Translations: Tala Apledojums Pen, Naujausi Apledėjimas Pen, Tala Glazura Pen, Tala zaleđivanje Pen, Tala khô teo Pen, Tala Glazura Pen, ताला टुकड़े कलम, Tala Pen Icing, Тала Обледенение Пен, Τάλα παγοποίησης Pen, تالا القلم تثليج, 탈라 착빙 펜, Tala námraze Pen, Tala tumpang Pen, 塔拉结冰笔, Tala gel Pen, Tala zaledenitve Pen, Tala námraze Pen, Tala Pen Glassa, טאלה לציפוי פן, Tala Nedisning Pen, Тала Глазура Пен, タラアイシングペン, Tala Pen givrage, Tala smakstilsatt Pen, Tala hielo Pen, Тала обмерзання Пен, Tala jäätävät Pen, Тала Обледеняване Pen



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