Tool: Ice Bucket


A special container used to store ice in food service. Many better ice buckets are insulated to prevent the ice from melting and condensation from forming on the outside. Condensation is problematic because it runs down the sides and gets the supporting surface wet, which can be quite damaging, especially on a wood table. Sometimes ice buckets are used to store ice for mixing in drinks, other times drink containers, such as champagne, are submerged in the ice for chilling without dilution.


Other names: Wine Cooler, Wine Chiller, Champagne Bucket
Translations: Ledus spainītis, Ledo Kibiras, Ice Sić, Ice Wiaderko, Ijsemmer, Ice Bøtte, Balde de Gelo, Ведерко со льдом, الجليد الدلو, 아이스 버켓, Kbelík s ledem, Yelo bucket, 冰桶, Ram de gel, Vedierko s ľadom, קרח הדלי, Ishink, Лед Канта, アイスバケット, Seau à glace, Kühler, बर्फ की बाल्टी, Ramo de hielo, Цебро з льодом, Samppanjanjäähdytin, Лед Кофа



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