Tool: Wine Chiller


A wine chiller is any type of equipment that can be used to cool or chill wine. They can range from small tabletop units that rapidly cool a single bottle, to large refrigerator type units that can store or chill a dozen bottles at a time.


Other names: Wine Cooler
Translations: Vīns Chiller, Vyno Aušinimo, Vin Chiller, Vino Chiller, Chiller wina, शराब chiller, Вино Chiller, Οίνος Chiller, النبيذ المبرد, 와인 Chiller, Chladničkou na vína, 葡萄酒制冷机, Vi Chiller, Vino hladilnikom, Chladničkou na vína, יין Chiller, Vin Chiller, Вино Цхиллер, ワインチラー, Refroidisseur de vin, Weinkühler, Vin Chiller, Vin Kjle, Vino Chiller, Вино Chiller, Viini Chiller, Вино Chiller



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