Tool: Fat Separator


A separator that filters out impurities and separates fat from lean, leaving pure slimmed-down juices to flow from the spout. Used for making gravy, soup and stock without the fat.

Key Features:
Large opening for easy pouring
Perforated insert to strain solids like aromatics in cooking liquid
Comfort grip handle
Dishwasher safe
Easy pour spout
Convenient liquid measurements printed on side


Other names: Gravy Separator
Translations: Tauku atdalītājs, Riebalai separatoriai, Separator de grăsimi, Separator masti, Separator tłuszczu, Vetafscheider, वसा विभाजक, Сепаратор жиров, Λίπος Διαχωριστικό, الدهون فاصل, 팻 구분 기호, Tuk Oddělovač, Fat SEPARATOR, 脂肪分离, Separador de Grasas, Tuk Oddeľovač, השמן מפריד, Fett Separator, Сепаратор масти, 脂肪セパレータ, Fettabscheider, Separador de Greixos, Сепаратор жирів, Fat erotin, Дебел Separator



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Jenny's picture

Can you use this to separate raw milk from its cream?