I love food and all things related to food. I know that there isn't any subject you can teach from Pre-K to Grad School that doesn't somehow relate to food.

I am a Pastry Chef
I am a Culinary Instructor ~ Kids and Adults
I am a Food Writer ~ Formerly contributing writer for Culinary Thymes
I am a Recipe Tester ~ Currently for America's Test Kitchens
I am an Artist ~ Culinary, Pastry, Baking, Makeup, Music and Painting
I am a Foodie
I am a cooking show addict
I am a cookbook collector
I am a perfume collector
I am a Francophile
I am a Langophile
I am a Super Smeller ~ Blessing and a curse

I also love to....
Crochet, sing, dance, laugh hysterically, make others laugh, watch movies, read, travel, write, tell stories, play dress up, garden, arrange flowers, go to live performances, nap, create the perfect bubble bath, collect anything in all shades of purple and many other creative outlets.