Tool: Aluminum Foil


Most often used to insulate food when cooking, in an effort prevent undesired moisture loss and to concentrate heat in the food so that it cooks faster. The food can either be wrapped in the foil and then cooked e.g. corn on the cob when grilling, or the food can be placed in a dish and then covered with foil e.g. when baking Mahi Mahi in creole sauce.

Aluminum foil is also used to package food and a variety of other products.


Other names: Tin Foil, Foil, Aluminium Foil
Translations: Alumīnija folijas, Aliuminio folija, Foiţă din aluminiu, Aluminijska folija, Folia aluminiowa, Aluminium folie, एल्यूमीनियम पन्नी, Folha de alumínio, Алюминиевая фольга, Αλουμινόχαρτο, احباط الألومنيوم, 알루미늄 호일, Hliníková fólie, Aluminyo foil, 铝箔, Paper d'alumini, Hliníková fólia, Alluminio, רדיד אלומיניום, Aluminiumfolie, Алуминијумска фолија, アルミ箔, La feuille d'aluminium, Aluminiumfolie, Aluminiumsfolie, Aluminiumsfolie, Papel de aluminio, Алюмінієва фольга, Alumiinifolion, Алуминиево фолио



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