Tool: 8 Inch Wide Cook's Knife


An 8 inch chef knife is one of the most used kitchen knifes there is. Great for all purpose slicing and chopping.


Other names: Chef Knife
Translations: 8 collu Wide Pavāra nazis, 8 colio platus sausainiukai peilis, 8 Cook inch wide de cuţit, 8-inčni široki Cook's Knife, 8 Inch Wide Cook Knife, 8 cala Wide Cook's Knife, 8 duim brede koksmes, 8 इंच चौड़ी कुक चाकू, Faca 8 polegadas Wide Cook's, 8 дюймовый широкоэкранный Кука нож, Μαχαίρι 8 ιντσών Wide μάγειρα, 8 بوصة واسعة لكوك سكين, 8 인치 와이드 쿡의 칼, 8 palcové širokoúhlé Cook nůž, 8 Inch Cook's Knife Wide, Knife 8 pulgada Wide Cook's, 库克8英寸宽的刀, Cook 8 polzades d'ample de fulla, 8 palcovej širokouhlej Cook nôž, 8 pollici Wide Cook's Knife, קוק 8 אינץ 'רחב של סכין, 8 &bred Cooks Knife, 8 инчни широки Кука Нож, 8インチワイドクックのナイフ, 8 pouces de largeur Cook's Knife, 8 Zoll Wide Cook's Knife, 8 tommer Wide Cooks Knife, 8 &bred Cook's kniv, Cook 8 pulgada de ancho de cuchilla, 8 дюймовий широкоекранний Кука ніж, 8 tuuman Cook's Knife, 8 инчов широк Кук нож



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