Tool: Butcher Block


A type of wood that is used to make heavy duty cutting boards, counter-tops and food service tops. Butcher Block was traditionally used in butcher shops and meat processing factories.


Translations: Miesnieks Block, Kietosios, Mesar Blokiraj, Rzeźnik Block, कसाई ब्लॉक, Бутчер Блок, Butcher μπλοκ, جزار كتلة, 백정 블록, Butcher Blok, Blok Jagal, 布彻座, Carnicero Bloque, Butcher Blok, Macelleria Block, בוצ 'ר בלוק, Butcher block, Блок месара, ブッチャーブロック, Slagter Block, Carnicero Bloc, Бутчер Блок, Butcher групово



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