Tool: Copper Skillet


A frying pan made of copper. Because copper is an excellent conductor of heat the heat is conducted evenly to the copper pan, allowing the
preparation of a dish with less energy regardless of stove top type.


Other names: Copper Frying Pan, Copper Pan, Copper Frypan
Translations: Vara kastrolītis, Vario troškintuvas, Cupru tigaie, Bakar Skillet, Đồng Skillet, Skillet miedzi, Koper Skillet, कॉपर लंबे दस्ते की कड़ाही, Cobre Skillet, Медь Skillet, Χαλκός Skillet, النحاس المقلاة, 구리 프라이팬, Měď Skillet, Tembaga wajan, Copper kawali, 铜斯基利特, Paella de Coure, Copper skillet, Meď Skillet, Rame Skillet, מחבת נחושת, Бакар Офф Цаусе, 銅スキ, Poêlée de cuivre, Kobber stegepande, Kobber Skillet, Sartén de Cobre, Мідь Skillet, Kupari Skillet, Мед тиган



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