Tool: Wire Cheese Slicer


A wire cheese slicer often has two different slicing wires to choose between thick or thin slices of cheese. The handle holds a taught wire across the cheese and makes thin even slices each time. Not recommended for hard cheeses, great for soft and medium cheeses.


Translations: Wire siera nazis, Viela Sūrio peilis, Sârmă Brânză Slicer, Žica Sir Šlicer, Dây Cheese Slicer, Krajalnica do sera Wire, Wire kaasschaaf, तार पनीर slicer, Wire cortador de queijo, Проволока Сыр Slicer, Σύρμα Slicer Τυρί, سلك جبن القطاعة, 와이어 치즈 슬라 이서, Drát Sýry Slicer, Жица сир слицер, 丝奶酪切片机, Filferro màquina de tallar formatge, Wire Sir Slicer, Drôt Syry Slicer, Filo Cheese Slicer, חוט מבצעה גבינה, Wire Osthyvel, Cheese Slicer Wire, ワイヤーチーズスライサー, Coupe-fromage Wire, Wire Käsehobel, Wire Ostehøvl, Wire ostehøvelen, Alambre máquina de cortar queso, Дріт Сир Slicer, Wire juustohöylä, Wire сирене Slicer



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