Tool: Wine Press


There are several types of wine presses. Certainly things have drastically changed since grape stomping was the preferred means of crushing grapes. The basic idea of most wine presses is to extract as much juice from wine grapes as possible while avoiding grape skins and seeds. This type of wine press is used for smaller home batches of wine. Commercial wine makers most often use much larger and more sophisticated wine presses. This press can also be used for making several types of fuit juice besides grape juice for wine.


Other names: Cider Press
Translations: Vīns Press, Vyno Spauda, Vin de presă, Máy ép nho làm rượu, Wina prasy, Wijnpers, शराब प्रेस, Вино Пресс, Οίνος Τύπου, النبيذ الصحافة, 와인 보도 자료, Víno Tisk, Anggur Tekan, 葡萄酒新闻, Vi de Premsa, Vino Press, Víno Tlač, גת, VINPRESS, Вино за штампу, ワインプレス, Vin Press, Vino de Prensa, Вино Прес, Viini Press, Лина

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