Tool: Sugar Shaker


Sugar shakers are sugar dispensers used to sprinkle or dust sugar on food. Some sugar shakers are somewhat similar to salt shakers because they have a cap with tiny holes on top, while some have a only that they are bigger and some have a funnel to pour the sugar from.


Other names: Muffineer
Translations: Cukurs Shaker, Cukrus Shaker, Zahăr Shaker, Šećer Shaker, Đường Shaker, Shaker cukru, चीनी शेखर, Сахарница, Ζάχαρη Shaker, السكر شاكر, 설탕 쉐이커, Cukr Shaker, Gula Shaker, Sugar nagkakalog, 糖沙克尔, Sucre coctelera, Cukor Shaker, סוכר שאכר, Socker Shaker, Шећер Шејкер, シュガーシェーカー, Zuckerstreuer, Sukker Shaker, Azúcar coctelera, Цукорниця, Захарница за пудра захар



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