Tool: Square Cake Pan


A square cake pan is a baking pan used to cook or bake a cake. Cake pans come in different shapes and sizes.

Choosing the right cake pan is important in baking, your cake pan should fit in the oven and should be big enough to hold the batter.


Translations: Τετράγωνο κέικ Pan, مربع الكعكة عموم, Námestie Cake Pán, Площа Пан торт, Moule carré, Tort Square Pan, Square Torta Pan, Náměstí Cake Pan, Pan Cake Square, 潘广场蛋糕, 광장 케이크 팬, Square keyk Pan, स्क्वायर केक पैन, עוגת כיכר פאן, Bolo Praça Pan, スクエアケーキはパン, Квадрат Торта Пан, Pa Cake Plaça, Площадь Пан торт, Pan Cake Plaza, Площ за печене на кекс



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