Tool: Gyutou Knife


Gyutou, or gyuto, is a Japanese variation of the commonly known design of a Chef's Knife. While the Santoku is also considered an Asian Chef's Knife, the Gyuto has a professional camber on the blade for precise rocking action.


Other names: Gyuto Knife, Chef's Knife, Asian Chef's Knife, Japanese Chef's Knife
Translations: Gyutou nazis, Gyutou Μαχαίρι, Gyutou peilis, Gyutou سكين, Gyutou nôž, Gyutou cuţit, Nož Gyutou, Gyutou nůž, Gyutou סכין, Gyutou Pisau, Gyutou 나이프, Gyutouナイフ, Gyutou चाकू, Gyutou нож, Gyutou ganivet, Gyutou ніж, Gyutou刀, Гиутоу Нож, Gyutou cuchillo, Gyutou нож



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