Tool: Port Glass


A glass from which to sip Port. A Port glass should be smaller than a wine glass, with edges that slope inward, not flared, which can result in loss of bouquet.


Translations: Port Stikla, Uosto Stiklas, Port de sticlă, Port staklo, Portglas, पोर्ट ग्लास, Porta de vidro, Порт стекла, Port Γυαλί, ميناء الزجاج, 유리 포트, Port sklo, Port Kaca, 港口玻璃, Port Cristall, Port sklo, Porta di vetro, נמל זכוכית, Port Glas, Порт стакла, ポートガラス, Port de verre, Puerto Cristal, Порт скла, Пристанище стъкло



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