Tool: Grater


Utensil used to grate or shred foods such as cheese, onions, nutmeg and more into strips, and fine pieces. Most graters come with four sides or grating options and can be vertical or flat. Both plastic and metal graters abound, but metal graters tend to be sharper and therefore better to grate foods.


Other names: Shredder
Translations: Rīve, Trintuvė, Răzătoare, Rende, Bàn mài, Tarka, Rasp, Rivjern, Ralador, Терка, Τρίφτης, المبشرة أداة لتبشير, 가는 사람, Struhadlo, Ренде, Kudkuran, 擦菜板, Ratllador, Rende, Strúhadlo, Grattugia, פומפיה, Rivjärn, Parut, おろし金, Râpe, Reibe, Rivejern, Rallador, Терка, Riivinrauta, Ренде



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