Tool: Wine Decanter


A wine decanter is a glass vessel into which the entire bottle of wine is poured. Decanters promotes the aeration of wine, which improves its aroma and taste.


Other names: Decanter
Translations: Vīns dekantatorā, Vyno Decanter, Vin Decanter, Vino Decanter, Rượu bình pha lê, Karafka wina, Decanter, शराब कंटर, Decanter Wine, Графин вина, Κρασιού Decanter, النبيذ الدورق, 와인 마개있는 유리병, Víno Decanter, Wine garapon, 滗酒, Vi Decantador, Vino dekantatorju, Víno Decanter, Decanter Wine, יין לקידוש, VINKARAFF, Бокал вина, ワインデカンター, Weinkaraffe, Vin Karaffel, Vin karaffel, Vino Decantador, Графин вина, Viini Decanter, Вино Decanter



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