Chocolate Cloud Cake

February 29, 2008

I usually crave cheese more than I do sweets, but when my sweet tooth rears its ugly fang it's usually for some form of chocolate. Specifically cake. I'll look at Barnaby and ask," Did you pick up that chocolate cake today?" Knowing full well that, of course, he did not. I just want chocolate cake. I never buy cake, I never make cake. Perhaps that's some form of perverse self-denial thing, but whatever. So imagine my glee when our friend Tracy made a glorious one for dessert the other night! The recipe she used, Chocolate Cloud Cake, was from Nigella Lawson's book Nigella Bites. It's flourless, dense yet light at the same time (hence the name cloud), and is pure dark chocolatey goodness. My apologies for gobbling it up before photographing. Here is a simply fantabulous sounding Chocolate Cake with Yellow Beets from A Cat in the Kitchen. Yes, yellow beets! How wonderfully wicked to sneak veggies into a cake. Brilliant.

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dreama's picture

I've never met chocolate that I didn't love and this is right up my alley!! YUMMY!!!!!!

Rich's picture

I want sum now!!

Greg Bulmash's picture

As Alton Brown says: "Cake is just a delivery system for frosting."

What you need is to get to a good bakery and get them to sell you a tub of chocolate buttercream frosting. Not some preservative-filled bucket of glop from a super market, but something fresh made at a good bakery. Then you take that tub home, grab a spoon, a glass of a ruby port or muscat, and tune out the world.

sheriwetherell's picture

We're soul mates, man, pure soul mates. Spoons up!

Alisa's picture

I was craving for some chocolates so I stumble on this post...mmmm chocolates for the weekend!