Rocco DiSpirito at BlogHer08

July 19, 2008

It was very kind and considerate of the organizers of the all-women BlogHer to invite celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito as a guest presenter. Most of the women here were purring his name Rrrrrroco, and I must agree, he is pretty easy on the eyes.

If you were an attendee, and can't remember what he cooked up because you were too consumed with staring at his cute mug, let me give you a refresher. He whipped up a quick and easy pasta dish using tomato sauces from Bertolli, and enhanced them with fresh ingredients such as shrimp, garlic, peperoncini, olives and parsley.

While I personally prefer to cook from scratch, enjoying the process of cooking and creating, it certainly was worth watching a hot man cook for a bunch of women.

Did I just say that out loud?

Check out his latest book Rocco's Real-Life Recipes. He really does know his stuff.



aurora fox's picture

hi--I met you at the Blogher Conf. yesterday---(I'm the woman with the craft blog who sat in front of you)--I just have to say your recipes here had my mouth watering and made me want to go cook! so I have added you to my Reader...and will also be back to check out your blogroll--so I'm glad we happened to sit by each other;-)

A Cowboy's Wife's picture

Hey there! I, too, was at that little lunch:) And yes, I almost forgot what he cooked....LOL. Glad I got to meet ya. Stop by sometime or email. Maybe we can work with each other somehow for something;)

You got a great picture there with him and the product. Nice!

Blooming's picture

Oh yes, he's so easy on the eyes! I am so glad you did not overlook that crucial point. :) Now what was he cooking ...?

I wish I could have gone to BlogHer, I'll have to save up to go next time.

Michele's picture

He sure is a good looking guy. Remember his TV show...I guess his looks weren't enough to cut it! lol

Melanie D.'s picture

Such a hot chef. He's so distracting. Such a good looking guy shouldn't be allowed to cook especially in front of the ladies. :D