Grilled Bratwurst and Sweet Onions

July 16, 2009

Here in Seattle we take advantage of every bit of sunshine we get, and fortunately in the summer we get a lot! It's as if Mother Nature feels bad for dumping on us throughout the long winter, so she blankets us with sunny goodness for a few months to help us "forget" what's inevitably around the corner. So when the sun is out, so is the barbecue. Nearly every night we grill something up - which makes for little or no cleaning in the kitchen! Last night I celebrated my first harvest of heirloom baby lettuces from my garden. There's nothing better than tender leaves tossed with a bit of good oil (we chose Walnut), an ever-so-light spritzing of lemon juice, and sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. We "garnished" our meal with these wonderful spicy bratwursts and onions we grilled. Ahhh, summer in Seattle. 'Tis a glorious thing indeed.



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