How Does One Suddenly Go Vegan

September 24, 2009


My father was recently diagnosed with an illness that has required him to eat a strict vegan diet. My father was the second youngest of six, raised on a beef cattle ranch in Eastern, Washington state. For him to suddenly become vegan is like learning how to eat all over again. After 60 years of eating as one pleases, indulging in pot roasts, Thanksgiving turkey and sushi; each bite is now new, unfamiliar and thought provoking. Roasted beet soup with ginger, a raw celery and apple salad with lemon juice and a dessert of pears with honey? -Who knew this extreme diet could offer such lovely flavor profiles? Since my mother has also had to drop everything to tend to him, not only does she have less time, she is also learning to cook vegan, something she has never purposely done.Luckily, Foodista has some great recipes that are not just vegan, they are unbelievably, deliciously vegan! Who knows, perhaps they will both continue to eat vegan once my father is feeling better.

And you don't have to be vegan to enjoy new flavor profiles. Here are a couple recipes to try, you may even be surprised how good going vegan can be!

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Vegan Pumpkin Pie on Foodista

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Vegyogini's picture

I hope that, for your parents' future health, they do continue the vegan lifestyle they're learning to enjoy now. I'm wishing your parents health and wonderful vegan food!

Melissa Peterman's picture

Thank you Vegyogini for your kind comment,

Yes there are many benefits to eating vegan, I think it has been an eye-opening experience for them for sure!

tom | tall clover farm's picture

If only vegan cuisine included butter, cream, eggs and cheese, I'd be right onboard!

Steve's picture

This sounds totally made up. What disease causes a person to suddenly have to go vegan? Sounds as phony as peanut allergies.

Candy's picture

Hi Steve, I'm Melissa's mother and what she is writing is true. We went on a vegan diet voluntarily to help my husband fight cancer. Making one's body alkaline helps his body become an unhealthy environment for cancer cells to live in. This means eliminating all meat and fish and dairy products, caffeine and alcohol. Pretty tough for a guy that loves his coffee and steak!

dave's picture

What a challenge. I don't eat meat every day but I sure do enjoy it. Good luck!

Judy Browning's picture

Hi Melissa and Melissa's Mom,
Yes, suddenly going without meat can be every difficult, especially when it has been a central part of a man's life. But vegetables and grains offer a wide variety of taste and flavor sensations. I hope you explore fearlessly. May I suggest an excellent book? The Vegan Cook's Bible by Pat Crocker. If I had to choose one vegan cook to live with, it would be this. I have reviewed it in more detail on my website if you'd like to take a look.