Sweet Potatoes or Yams?

November 24, 2009

Last night while I was falling asleep I dreamt that I ran out of sweet potatoes, so I mixed a can of canned pumpkin with mashed potatoes and brought that to Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone in the dream believed it was real sweet potatoes. Somehow I don't think it would go over so well in reality.

Instead I think I'll stick with real sweet potatoes mashed with bourbon or turn them into a scrumptious casserole.

A classic dish would be candied yams, which is really made with sweet potatoes. Did you know that what we call yams are really sweet potatoes? It's an accident that we ended up this way to begin with.

What I really want to bring to Thanksgiving dinner are mashed purple yams (or ubes). You can find them at Asian and specialty markets. Purple yams behave like any starchy vegetable and you can use them just like potatoes. They truly are a vibrant color, imagine serving purple yams next to blazing orange sweet potatoes (or yams, if you aren't used to the change of name yet). Now that's a presentation that will amaze every guest.

Photo by finna dat



peter richard smith's picture

I am growing a purple yam (not a sweet potatoe) The vine climbs over the fence & the yam is huge Over 1 kg. Took 9 months to grow. Growing very deep 400mm. The cut flesh is very slimy. A great way to eat is to boil & then place the water & yam into a blender & drink like a milk shake Very creamy & smooth.
Please help me identify this yam so i can understand its medicinal benefits.