Turnip Redemption

May 24, 2010

Baby Turnips
After Turnip Debacle 2010 a few weeks ago, I went to the farmers market armed with more knowledge. (I seriously owe this mom.) Success! I don't know what it is about us gourmet types, but we just love a vegetable with the word "baby" in front of it. Turnips? Yawn. Baby turnips? I'm opening my wallet. (It's also a little bizarre when you think about ascribing anthropomorphic qualities to a vegetable. But I digress....)

The best part about these turnips is how easy they are to prepare. Here are the ingredients you need:

  • Turnips
  • Salt

Technique? Below:

  • Cut turnips in half.
  • Sprinkle with salt.

That's it. You're done. I know, you're tempted to guild the lily a bit. Of course you are! That's why we love you, Foodista faithful! If you wanted to drizzle a little bit of the most superb olive oil, OK. I will also accept slicing these turnips thin and adding a dash of rice wine vinegar (and salt) to quick pickle (quickle) them. 

Flavor-wise, these turnips remind me of radishes, but less watery and sharp and a bit more earthy. (Note to radishes: I adore you, please don't change.) They would be fantastic with any sparkling or dry white wine. And also great with a hoppy beer. Yes, beer. I am now willing to get tossed out of any bar after I eschew peanuts and pretzels to ask: "Barkeep! Any baby turnips to complement my beer?"

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Jameson Fink is a wine buyer at a bustling grocery store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. He moved to Seattle from Chicago (where he dabbled in the restaurant and wine industries) five years ago to pursue a full-time career in wine. He’d rather be drinking Champagne and eating popcorn right now.



Melissa Peterman's picture


We haven't even met and I simply adore you! What a great post! I was a turnip fan before, but now, like you, forget about those peanuts- turnips sound divine.

Drew's picture

I do know you, and my adoration is much more complicated, but I will be enjoying those babies tonight!

laura's picture

Oh see now here we go! This is the way to do it. Mmmmm best veggie, well almost the best :D Glad you found some that were young and sweet.

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