A Ben & Jerry's Birthday

March 19, 2011

Today is the 60th birthday of one Ben Cohen from Long Island, NY - known to most of us as the Ben of Ben & Jerry's. Perhaps the only ice cream company that can thrive in the midst of a gelato festival, Ben & Jerry have created dozens of unique flavors, punny names and thousands of smiles over the years. With over 48 flavors of ice cream currently in production (not including novelties or frozen yogurt/sorbet), they're giving ye olde 31 flavors* a run for their money by number of flavors alone!

While they always come up with fantastic flavor combinations, their celebrity-inspired blends are always the most interesting. Currently, they have jumped into the Late Night television debate, creating flavors for Steven Colbert and Jimmy Fallon - Americone Dream and Late Night Snack, respectively.

Happy Birthday, Ben! Here's to another 60 successful years!

* Despite their traditional name and number, Baskin Robbins currently has a combined 42 flavors available nationwide depending on seasonal and regional availability.

Photos by Dismas and Hede2000