Eco-Friendly Wine Pouch

March 22, 2011

Over the past few months, Indulge Wines has launched an interesting new product: the Astrapouch.

Indulge Wines Astrapouch

Essentially boxed wine sans box, the pouch promises to be eco-friendly and of course, highly portable (check out those nifty handles!). By omitting the box, the pouch design does not require any cardboard; because they are not nearly as fragile as bottled wine, transportation costs (and subsequent fossil fuel use) is greatly lessened, the pouch has the highest wine-to-packaging ratio (only 2% of the total weight is in the container!) and as if it could not get any better - the pouches are easier to chill and keep cold than other kinds of containers. These new 1.5L wine pouches (equivalent to two traditional 750mL bottles) look like oversized Capri Sun containers. While only available in California at the moment, Indulge is currently working on distribution and plans to be available nationwide by summer - just in time to hit the beach! Source: Slash Food /Indulge Wines. Photos by Indulge Wines.



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More "eco-friendly" than a reusable and recyclable glass bottle?