NYC Food Trucks form Federation

March 27, 2011

It has been a big week for food trucks from coast to coast. Earlier this week, the food truck feeding frenzy kicked off with Air France's announcement that they will be serving up free food from Chef Joel Robuchon - the only chef in possession of 26 Michelin stars. While Chef Robuchon will not be present for the event (here is the schedule), the food will invariably change your mind about 'airplane food.'

In other news, the food trucks in New York City have decided to form a federation: "The owners behind 32 trucks selling everything from Korean tacos to grilled cheese to artisanal ice-cream are banding together to form the New York City Food Truck Association," writes Sumathi Reddy for The Wall Street Journal. He goes on to say, "The group hired Capalino + Co. to push for speedier licensing and the right to park and vend at metered spots." While the Federation is growing, several food truck owners have declined to join citing a potential conflict of interest on behalf of the lobbying firm Capalino + Co., who also represent real estate and restaurant clients - who may not always be looking out for their mobile younger cousins.

Photo by Edsel L
Source The Gothamist