Taking Food Waste One Step FURTHER

April 6, 2011

What can you do with over-used frying oil? Here's one great story straight from Los Angeles.

After years of collecting used cooking oil from high-profile Los Angeles restaurants to convert into biodiesel, Marshall Dostal and his wife Megan had accumulated gallons of glycerin - a natural biproduct of the distillation process. So what do you do with glycerin? Make soap! And candles and lotion, too.

The Dostals continue to collect and distill waste oil and now use the biproducts to produce the FURTHER line of biodegradable products: lotion, hand soap and candles (featuring soybean oil from Mario Batali's restaurant, ). The FURTHER products are in turn supplied to the restaurants from which the oil is originally sourced, for use by patrons and staff in a perfect circle of use and reuse.

Photos from Further and The Dieline



Laika @rubbish london's picture

Great product. Let us support those who recycle.

Laika @rubbish london's picture

I will buy products that help recycle.

Laika @rubbish london's picture

I hope more food companies can follow this stuff.