Man Finds Kate Middleton's Face in Jellybean

April 15, 2011

Wesley Hosie and his girlfriend found a mango jellybean with what looks like the face of Prince William's bride-to-be Kate Middleton on it. The two were digging into a large jar of Jelly Belly beans when they noticed the face on the bean. They now plan to take advantage of the royal wedding hysteria and sell the bean for £500 on eBay.

Richard Cullen, who works for Jelly Belly as a Joint Managing Director, says "All of our beans are handmade and this looks like one of our red speckled Mango beans, the natural speckles are unique to each and every jelly bean due to the handmade process."

What do you think? Does the bean, which you can see above, resemble the blushing bride?

Photo via Telegraph