Toxic Milk Continues Crummy Chinese Food Safety Streak

April 27, 2011

China had to seize 26 tons of powdered milk that was tainted with melamine, an industrial agent used in adhesives, fabric coatings and ceiling tiles. Freaked out yet? Wait. The melamine is usually added to the milk to make it appear to have more protein.

This isn't the first problem China has had with melamine being added to milk. In 2008, 6 babies were killed and 30,000 were sickened after baby formula was found to be contaminated with melamine. Baby formula.

The latest batch of melamine-contaminated powdered milk was set to be used to make ice cream. Chinese officials say the ice cream factory was closed for maintenance and so the tainted milk was never used.

The actual seizure took place on March 25th, but officials didn't release the information until April 26, when they decided maybe they needed to kick off a 100-day food safety campaign. The Telegraph has compiled a fantastic and seriously frightening list of the Top 10 Chinese Food Scandals, that might leave you thinking 200 days might be a better idea.

Photo: by Nerissa's Ring