Seattle Restaurant Maintains Tornado Themed Menu

May 1, 2011

The 5 Spot, a Seattle restaurant noted for its rotating regional American fare, has decided to continue using a recently unveiled menu that features "Tornado Alley" in spite of the recent wave of tornadoes that killed over 300 people in the American south.

The ill-timed menu currently runs through June, and an assistant manager told Seattle Weekly that the restaurant has no plans to change it.

Another reporter, who happened to eat in the restaurant earlier this week noted, "a spinning papier-mâché tornado, photos of actual tornadoes, cows and people getting swept up into a tornado, and big paintings, including one of the Kool-Aid guy directing people into a basement while a tornado rages in the background."

Another food review, which occurred before this most recent week of storms, also noted the theme was "considerably less cute" in light of recent tornadoes that had occurred in North Carolina. That was before the most devastating string of tornadoes since the 1930s. Check out the "Tornado Alley" themed menu from the restaurant above.

Photo courtesy Seattle Weekly. Is this menu appropriate or inappropriate in light of the recent storms?