Macaron Madness: 10 Marvelous Recipes

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May 10, 2011


Over the past year or three, these adorable French sandwich cookies have been gaining in popularity and mutating into the most deliciously interesting forms! Naturally gluten free and dairy free (depending on your filling) these lovely little cookies are made with almond flour, powdered sugar and egg whites - perfection!

Macaron Story

For anyone else who has struggled with these so-easy-yet-so-bloody-difficult cookies the way I have (four failed batches were delicious, but fell apart/didn't have feet/tried to eat me), then you'll really want to read Stella at BraveTart's essay/debunking of Macaron Myths - everything from aging egg whites to drying your almond flour, cornstarch-laced powdered sugar -- the whole nine yards -- she covers it all from start to finish!

Stella's Amazing Macaron Recipe
Makes about 40 macarons

If you would like to see step-by-step photos of this recipe, click here. Mardi from Eat. Live. Travel. Write. has blogged about my macaron method and took fabulous photos of everything along the way. If this is your first time, her photos will be especially helpful for you to make sure you’re doing it right.

4 ounces (115g) blanched almonds or almond flour, or whatever nut you like
8 ounces (230g) powdered sugar*
5 ounces egg whites (144g), temperature and age not important!
2 1/2 ounce (72g) sugar
the scrapings of 1 vanilla bean or 2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp (1g) salt

Approximately 10 ounces (290g) Swiss buttercream, specific quantities and suggestions below.

For the full recipe, and variations like Champagne-Rose, Bourbon Pecan and Chestnut Chocolate, visit Stella at BraveTart.

Pistachio Cocoa Nib Macarons with Bourbon Buttercream
From the Macaron Mistress herself, Helene (aka Tartelette) brings us these fabulous boozy treats with the crunch of cocoa nibs!

Blueberry Ginger Macarons
For something with a little kick...

Lavender Macarons with Raspberry-Rose Mascarpone
Perfect for afternoon tea, these floral macarons are especially delicious with mascarpone instead of buttercream filling!

Macarons filled wit Honey-White Chocolate Ganache
Sweet and simple, what's not to love?

Passion Fruit Macarons
For a tropical twist, take these for a test drive!

Vanilla & Dulce de Leche (Cajeta) Macarons
Want to recreate that Tres Leches Cake in miniature? I thought so...

Macarons with Lemon Verbena & White Chocolate Ganache
Sweet and citrusy, the lemon verbena adds a refreshing twist!

5-Spice Macarons with Caramel Filling
Take a trip eastward with this sweet and spicy combination!

Tomato Macarons with Basil Buttercream
It's like gazpacho, in a cookie. Right.

Raspberry Easter Bunny Macarons
Too cute to eat? I think not.

And of course, Ethe's time lapse video of her perfect macaron story...

Photo by Julien Haler. Artwork and video by Ethe