Bacon Periodic Table Pillow Professes Your Love for Pork

May 16, 2011

Those who can appreciate a little chemistry humor will love the Bacon Periodic Table pillow, a cotton cushion emblazoned with the elements barium, cobalt and nitrogen. It's the perfect decorative item for erudite epicureans who need a daily bacon fix but can't be bothered to head into the kitchen to prepare some.

The Bacon Periodic Table Pillow measures 9 inches by 15 inches; its element appliques are made of felt. Designer YellowBugBoutique proclaims that the cushion is "conclusive, scientific proof that bacon is an intellectual food." Do you agree?

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Barnaby's picture

But does it smell like bacon?

Andie Mitchell's picture

I second Barnaby's question. I'm in if it sizzles.