Scariest Gourmet? Kim Jong-Il

May 26, 2011

Of all the people in the world with tastes for fine food, Kim Jong-Il would be a surprising addition to my list. Nevertheless, it seems so. The leader of North Korea is currently in China to discuss potential food aid for his incredibly impoverished country and some interesting anecdotes have emerged. 

According to a report in The Telegraph (with unfortunately no sources or attributions for the information), the North Korean leader snuck out of his hotel room to find olive oil at a local supermarket. He asked a sales clerk where he could find good oil. 

The article goes on the suggest other culinary preferences of Kim Jong-Il. Apparently, he likes his sashimi to come directly from a live fish and hates anchovies on his pizza. He also has a taste for "Danish bacon, Iranian caviar and Thai mangos." 

In a somewhat related note, a really funny Tumblr features the North Korean leader looking at things, including food.