Get Grilling: Delectable Desserts

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May 29, 2011

While we know that ribs, burgers and hot dogs are the all-stars of the grill-side line up, desserts from the BBQ should really take center stage! From a Black Forest cake to tarts, a banana split and grilled coconut kebabs, have plenty of ice cream handy to cool down this smokin' hot desserts!

Black Forest Cake
Detailed step-by-step instructions for making Blackened Forest Cake from The Dog's Breakfast.

Blackened Forest Cake
Take chocolate cake, grill it, add ice cream and fresh cherry reduction? My oh my.

Grilled Banana Split
Why stop at grilled bananas when you can make a banana split?!

Strawberry Semifreddo with Maple-Glazed Grilled Apricots
Take the freshest summer fruits, throw them on the grill and serve a la mode for a perfect dessert.

Grilled Coconut and Sweet Potato Kebabs
Naturally sweet and deliciously toasty, these sweet kebabs are pretty darn healthy!

Grilled Strawberries with Gingernsap Meringue
The spicy crunch of the meringue is the perfect partner for the warm, soft strawberries.

Grilled Chocolate-Fruit Sandwiches
Likes a cross between s'mores and a grilled cheese, this sandwich is ooey-gooey goodness from the grill.

Grilled Figs with Honeyed Ricotta
Simple, elegant, delicious.

Grilled Mango with Prosciutto and Chili Cream
For a sweet-spicy-salty-umami dessert, this street fare inspired tropical treat is best served on a hot summer day.

Rustic Fruit Tarts "Baked" on the grill!
Bet you never though about making tarts or pies on the grill, but oh boy are you missing out! Ready in minutes.

Grilled Peaches with Thyme-Infused Honey
Quick and easy, fresh peaches are perfect for grilling.

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