How To Use a Food Thermometer

June 1, 2011


The best kind of food thermometer is an instant-read thermometer. It will provide the most accurate reading. There is no more important tool for safe, baceria-free food than a food thermometer. But what's almost as important is using the food thermometer in the right way. 
How to Use a Food Thermometer
1. Check the temperature of food toward the end of the cooking time, but not before you think it's "done" 
2. Insert the food thermometer into the very thickest part of the food, but don't let it touch bone, fat or gristle. 
3. Compare the reading to USDA recommended cooking temperatures. 
4. Make sure to wash your thermometer in hot, soapy water before and afrer each use. 
5. Since there are so many different food thermometers on the market, it's important to read the instructions on your food thermometer and follow them carefully

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