5 Best Snacks for Hiking and Trail Rides

June 7, 2011

Mt Mckinley
Mt. Mckinley, Central-Southern Alaska, USA

Whether you're an avid mountain biker, hit the trails on foot or horseback, high-energy snacks are a must! While summer already lends itself to these nature-centric activities, today also marks the 98th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Mt. Mckinley, the highest peak in North America! At 20,320 ft, Mt. Mckinley is the North American Mt. Everest (Nepal/Tibet, 29,035 ft). With several check points along the way, reaching the summit of Mt. Mckinley is usually a month-long process and the culmination of months of training. Whether or not this hardcore hike is part of your Bucket List or you're just an outdoorsy individual, here are 5 fabulous snacks to keep your energy levels up, pack light and spirits high!

And who knows, once you're at the top you may want to enjoy a nice glass of wine!

best hiking trail mix

The Essentials

  • GORP or other trail mix, see below
  • Hard cheese (cheddar/gouda are less likely to melt in your pack!)
  • Crackers (I prefer low-salt choices like Carr's Table Water Crackers)
  • Peanut butter & jelly (now largely available in individual single-serving packets, be sure to double-bag!)
  • Tuna canned in Olive Oil (depending on the length of your hike, this makes for a great protein-rich snack -- and grab the oil-packed variety, you don't want to skimp on the calories!)

GORP (Good Ol' Rasins & Peanuts)
Quick and easy: combine 2 parts peanuts, 1 part raisins and M&Ms or chocolate chips to taste.

Best Hiking / Trail Mix
Ultimately customizable, this variation of GORP is as unique as you are! Packed with protein, low in salt and with natural sugar for energy, this mix comes together in minutes.


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