5 Popsicles Your Kids Will Love

June 7, 2011

What brings back childhood like a popsicle? My kids love them no matter what the weather, and I love them because they are so easy. This past week, I have been playing around with flavors and came up with some tasty ones. Here are 5 recipes for popsicles that are based on Jello as the base, so they wont melt.

Jello is a tasty, yet frugal pantry food. It keeps indefinitely, costs mere pennies a box (go with generic or even bulk if you can find it) and comes in weird flavors that are super fun. 

Cantaloupe Melon 

Melon Blast Jello, combined with cantaloupe pieces

Watermelon Lemon zest

Watermelon Jello with lemon zest - You may think your kids wont eat it, but mine were raving about  it! 

Cherry Vanilla 

Cherry Jello, mixed with just enough vanilla yogurt to make it rich

Strawberry Lime

Lime Jello and strawberry puree

Pineapple Orange

Orange Jello mixed with Pineapple puree. The pineapple never freezes completely, so it makes a fun texture. 



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Midgeve's picture

Great ideas. Using sugar free Jello will make this an ideal treat for kids and their weight conscious mothers. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mac's picture

Not just for kids, I was thinking me. I'm a diabeted and am allways look for something new.

Andie Mitchell's picture

Great, refreshing flavors, Amy! I love Jello- especially the puddings :)