The 30-Cup Family Tea Set Honors Genetics and Lineage

June 8, 2011

The Family Tea set by Paula Benvegnu is a compelling design that imitates genetics and genealogy. Benvegnu started with a tea kettle and created 30 mugs -- each similar to the other, but not identical -- in the vein of her own family tree. Each hue and imperfection is altered slightly from cup to cup, mimicking the way in which traits like wide noses, freckles and big ears are passed down from generation to generation.

Each mug in the Family Tea set also features the family seal and comes with a spoon with a family member's name and birthdate. Paula Benvegnu says that the project "...arose from my obsession with the past, inheritance and family legacy, as well as the incessant search for new ways of telling its story."

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Andie Mitchell's picture

Such a beautiful tribute to family. A very clever idea