Burger King "Whopperlust" Campaign Lets You Win Free Coupons for Whopper-Watching

June 15, 2011

The all-new Burger King "Whopperlust" campaign gives away free Whopper coupons for DirecTV subscribers who don't mind staring at an image of a Whopper on their screen for a short period. The ad runs on DirecTV channel 111 all this week. To win a single coupon, you must stare at the screen for five minutes; to win a second coupon, you'll have to stare for another 10 minutes. There's even an option to win a third coupon after an additional 15-minute staring period.

You can't merely turn on DirecTV channel 111 and walk away, however; the Burger King "Whopperlust" campaign also includes an onscreen prompt, which you must press to continue the timer. If you're successful, Burger King will mail you your hard-earned coupons.

The Burger King "Whopperlust" campaign was created by Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. Thus far, it's yielded 50,000 coupons for free Whoppers. What do you think of the campaign? Is 30 minutes of your free time worth three free fast-food burgers?

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