Holy Cannoli! 5 Best Allergy-Friendly Recipes to Celebrate National Cannoli Day!

June 16, 2011


Happy Cannoli Day! Celebrate these super tasty crispy-crunchy smooth-and-creamy Italian dessert 5 allergy-friendly ways! You won't be disappointed.

5-Star Gluten Free Cannoli
With a crispy pastry shell and ricotta cream filling, what's not to love?

Traditional Italian Cannoli, Gluten Free
Deep fried and delicious and with tons of great tips, these are an Italian Grandmother's recipe, easily and effectively adapted!

Best Vegan Cannoli with Chocolate Chip "Cream" Filling
Whoever said traditional Italian desserts are not designed for vegan conversion was kind of right - it's certainly a challenge, but not impossible!

Chocolate-Dipped Vegan Cannoli

Egg-Free, Dairy Free Cannoli Filling
The ultimate in allergy free, this cannoli filling is safe for just about anyone. 


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