Mexican Hipsters Rescue Ancient Aztec Drink

June 19, 2011

The Washington Post takes a fascinating look into the history and struggles of pulque, an ancient drink of the Aztecs. It used to be one of the preferred drinks in the country. A 1886 census listed 817 pulquerias at a time when there were just 9,000 homes in all of Mexico City. 

As time has worn on, though, people have adopted beer as their preferred drink and pulque has faded away. Until now. A growing group of young, Mexican hipsters have embraced the drink once again. Young people describe the drink as "slightly viscous, naturally fizzy fermented juice of the maguey cactus" that is cooler than beer, cheaper than tequila and typical of "old Mexico."

Some people praise the drink in odd ways. “I heard it tasted like warm spit,” said Fernando Rivas of Colombia told the Washington Post, “but that is a lie. This is delicious. There is nothing to be afraid of."

So there. Has anyone tried pulque before? How would you describe it?

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