Food Blogger Jailed for Bad Review

June 24, 2011

In Taiwan, food bloggers better watch out. The next bad review could land you in jail. At least that's what happened when a woman with an amatuer food site in Taiwan gave a restaurant a poor review, saying the food was "too salty." She also noted unsanitary conditions and a bully restaurant owner. 

Well, he sure showed her. 

After taking the matter to a judge, the accusation of unsanitary conditions was rejected after a court-ordered inspection found nothing wrong. The blogger was ordered to pay the restaurant owner $6,900 in lost revenues. The judge also ruled the blogger couldn't have known enough to say the food was "too salty" after tasting only one dish, and found her guilty of defamation, which landed her in jail for 30 days. 

And you thought Gordon Ramsay played rough. 


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